Because Experience Matters...
We have completed three major projects with David and we give him our highest recommendation.  The result and quality of each project exceeded our expectations.  David offered expert guidance through all phases of planning and construction.  There were no significant problems encountered during any of the projects and David has been 100% available to address any minor concern, even years later.  With each project, everything was handled professionally by both David and the subcontractors.  Everything was done the ‘right’ way.

If you are looking for a contractor, I’d like to recommend David Rosenkranz.  David has done a number of jobs for me, some big.  He can do anything.  One job in particular was a 4 million dollar remodel of our home.  The work was immaculate and done in a very timely manner.  Most important is the kind of person David is – very reliable, dependable, and a man with high integrity.  You can trust David to do what he says and he will do and quite honestly, in most cases, more.  I highly recommend David for jobs of any scope, small remodels to building million dollar homes.  He’s your man!
In January of 2014, our 2 year old home in Franklin, TN was 85% destroyed when the fire sprinklers burst in sub-freezing temperatures.  The structural damage to our home was unimaginable.  We were fortunate enough to be referred to David Rosenkranz (by another contractor!), and we were not disappointed.  From day one David was the ultimate professional.  His subcontractors were the best I’ve ever seen – no day laborers or unskilled workers.  The care, custody and concern they showed was amazing, and the quality of their work could not have been better.  Due to the extensive damage, the job took almost 4 weeks.  David provided us a schedule and maintained that schedule 100%.  He worked with our insurance company, and he was on site throughout the entire project.  We could not have been more pleased with the work.  Upon completion, our home is now in better shape than the day we moved in.  I would not hesitate to call David again for any job, large or small.
We cannot speak more highly of the experience of working with David and Jennifer.  We did two bathrooms with them about 5 years apart and some updates.  The results are stunning.  They have excellent contacts in the industry and excellent people working for them.  Projects are all completed on time.  Problems, if there are any, are handled immediately.  Jennifer and David are always on hand to ask questions of and are lovely people to work with.  We would love to have them build a whole house for us one day!
In July of 2008, my wife and I undertook a major addition/renovation project on our home.  After checking several references (including some people that we knew personally) and visiting homes that the general contractor had built or remodeled, we selected a person that had done a small job for us several years ago.  We started to encounter problems with the contractor early on in the project.  There were puzzling delays caused by subcontractors not showing up to do their work.  Later, the contractor started to act dishonestly, in addition to more of his previous incompetency.  Come to find out, the general contractor was in serious financial straits.  He has subsequently filed for bankruptcy; leaving us to finish out the project on our own.  This scenario played out over almost a two year period.

Enter David Rosenkranz.  We were referred to David by one of the vendors we were dealing with directly.  David was able to come in and help us pick up the pieces of a very bad situation.  From the beginning, David followed a very methodical approach.  He would assess what needed to be done to complete the project and work with quality subcontractors and vendors to marshal the resources to get the job done.  David also gave us realistic estimates of time and money appropriate to finish our project.  He always communicated in a way that was understandable to us novices.  David worked tirelessly alongside the workers to do whatever was necessary.  Whether it was digging a trench or scaling our roof to check for clogged gutters, David was setting an example for the workers.  There is no substitute for someone who is “hands-on”.  David not only worked hard, he worked smart.  He was there to make sure best practices were followed and that the amounts we paid were fair.  After our previous experience, we were surprised that things were done on time and on budget.  David is very passionate about his work and everything he does is with the end in mind – that the homeowner will be satisfied with the final product.

The bottom line is – David was able to come in and resurrect our project so that we now have a high quality job, which we are very proud of and hopefully, can enjoy with our family as long as we live here.  Along the way, he restored our trust that we could find an honest and competent general contractor.  My only regret is that I did not hire David at the beginning of the project.

We are very pleased with every aspect of our new home.  We would feel extremely comfortable recommending David to others in the community.  He is truly a professional whose workmanship and customer service have exceeded our expectations!  
David Rosenkranz Custom Homes helped me complete a series of projects, from large to small designed to sell our house, for top dollar, in a flailing market.  After all work was completed quickly and beautifully, we sold our house in two days and above asking price.  David was constantly present and/or available by phone with any questions I had concerning the project.  All of the technicians and professionals that were brought to my home were excellent in the craft, fast, clean and respectful.  I was very, very pleased with pricing, quality, speed of service and overall professionalism of David and his crew.  They were perfectionism and professionalism personified.  I just can’t say enough positive about the whole experience.

Our designer recommended David Rosenkranz to us for a master suite remodel.  David was great.  He listened to our ideas and incorporated them into what is now a wonderful master bath, walk-in closet and bedroom.  He was prompt with appointments, realistic on his timeline for completion and very detail-oriented – which is just what we wanted.  We have since used David for several other home projects and would not hesitate to work with him again.
"We have completed three major projects with David and we give him our highest recommendation.  The result and quality of each project exceeded our expectations."